Brisbane's leading personal training group, offering private personal training and corporate health programs to the Brisbane CBD and inner city suburbs. Based at our private studio at 59 Castlemaine Street, Milton.

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About JS-PT

JS-PT provides superior quality, tailored physical training and nutritional coaching for businesses and individuals.

We believe innovative and functional training methods, specific goal setting and smarter nutritional choices lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

By motivating and educating each person on how to transform their quality of life physically and mentally, we are building on the foundations of health and developing more superior minds and superior bodies.

James Stewart
Director/Head Trainer


We tailor each service to your specific goals and needs and recognise that personal training and nutrition is just one of many parts to maintaining a healthy mind and body. As such, we collaborate with our wider network of health professionals to ensure our clients receive a well rounded approach to their needs.

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One on One Premium Training

For those that are serious about getting fit, this is the full package.

JS-PT One on One Premium Training gives you personalised one on one time with your trainer and equips you with an arsenal of other strategies to ensure you reach your physical and mental peak. Through a combination of functional and innovative exercising, nutritional coaching and exclusive offers with our network of health professionals, JS-PT will ensure you attain the right life balance to get ahead and stay ahead.

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Nutritional Coaching

Structured exercise alone will not see you reach your optimal physique. Maximise your training results with elite nutritional coaching.

JS-PT’s Precision Nutrition qualified nutrition coaches will equip you with personalised and sustainable systems aimed to improve your eating habits for the better. Your nutritional advice will be based on current science to ensure you are educated correctly on what to do and not to do.

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Corporate Health & Wellness

A business that caters to the positive physical and mental health of their employees is a business that thrives.

The energy experienced during a JS-PT corporate health group training session will reduce employee stress and result in decreased absenteeism, all whilst building team rapport.

Find out more at Corporate Health & Wellness Packages

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Small Group Training

Training with friends is often a defining factor when it comes to exercise.

Being able to motivate each other to remain active and make healthy choices is important for continued success, but what often lacks is the structure. Reap the benefits of a personalised JS-PT Small Group Training program with nutritional support and ongoing motivational content, at a more affordable cost.

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JS-PT recognises that physical training and nutritional coaching are just two of many influences that build and maintain a superior mind and superior body. As such, we liaise with other health specialists to offer you a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

“Eating all types of foods from chicken breast to ice cream, or consuming alcohol in moderation is fine as well, if your overall nutrient needs are being met.”


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