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October 10, 2022. Filed: Programs

Fundamentals of Resistance Training Program (for beginners)

section-breaker-pushupsBeginners will master the foundations of resistance training in this semi-private, four-week program delivered by JS-PT’s qualified and experienced health professionals. 

Limited spaces – four-person cap per class.   |   Starts Monday 14 November 2022.


Established in 2009, JS-PT is one of Brisbane’s longest-running and most respected health businesses. Visit the new appointment-only flagship studio in Milton today.

 What you’ll get

  1. A four-week ‘workshop to workout’ program designed for you to learn the fundamentals of resistance training and how to safely and effectively practice it.
    1. Each class will include an educational component and end with a complete workout so you leave feeling satisfied mentally and physically.
    2. You will learn how to safely and effectively perform the five fundamental movement patterns that form the foundations of all resistance training.
  2. Classes delivered in a semi-private setting that are capped at four people per class.
  3. Education from personable, supportive and experienced health professionals with a combined experience of 40+ years.
  4. The opportunity to meet like-minded people on a similar health journey to you.

Your commitment

  1. Attendance to two 45-minute classes per week over four weeks.
  2. An open mind and willingness to have a go.

The outcome

  1. Complete confidence in understanding and performing resistance training safely and effectively whenever and wherever you train in the future.
  2. Meeting a new support network of like-minded people in a health-focused setting.